What Items Need Shredding

Not sure what documents or information requires shredding?  Let us help you with a list of the most common items.

Any document containing confidential information, or information that has been entrusted to you by an outside source, should be collected for shredding. To be more specific, the below are documents you should be shredding, if you aren’t already doing so:

Personal Documents

• Addresses
• ATM Receipts
• Bank Account Information
• Bank Statements
• Cancelled and Voided Checks
• Credit and Debit Card Numbers
• Credit Reports and Histories
• Employee Pay Stubs
• Employment Records
• Insurance Policy Data
• Medical and Dental Records
• Passport Number
• Resumes
• Social Insurance Number
• Telephone Number
• Tax Forms

Internal Business Documents

• Strategic Reports
• Budgets
• Legal contracts
• Payroll information
• New product information
• Reports
• Formulas, product plans and tests
• Internal reports
• Supplier records and Specifications
• Purchase orders
• Bids and Quotes
• Inventory Lists
• Invoices
• Financial Records
• Accounting Information
• Tax Records

Client Data

• Computer Reports
• Credit Card Numbers
• Executive Correspondence
• Customer Lists and Files
• Contracts
• Cancelled Checks
• Photographs
• Presentations
• Proposals and Quotes
• Receipts/Invoices
• R&D Files/Data

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