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State of Montana Owner Operator Shredding Business

Document Destroyers is proud to be your first choice in secure shredding and information destruction within the State of Montana.  Our company exceeds the standard for document shredding providers by staying current with the industry laws, regulations, processes, and technology.  This is the security and trust clients expect to experience with professional and reliable shredding experts.  Our company being centrally located within the State also provides some advantages.  We are able to access all major cities such as Butte, Belgrade, Bozeman, Livingston, Billings, etc. more efficiently.

Based out of Belgrade, Montana, our company provides timely secure destruction services for all aspects of shredding to include but not limited to; Paper Shredding, Hard Drive Destruction, Electronic Media Disks and Backup Tape Destruction, E Scrap Recycling, Pill Bottle Shredding, Paper Recycling, and more.

We pride ourselves on professional conduct and appearance, therefore, all company employees that enter your building will be clean cut, well groomed and in uniform.  Employees are also required to wear a clearly displayed ID badge and check-in with the manager when entering the office building. We perform criminal background checks on all prospective employees, as well as ongoing random drug testing on everyone that comes in contact with you and your confidential material.


Free container service is included!  Document Destroyer’s supply all customers with the most ergonomic and secure, lockable collection containers on the market, manufactured from All Source Security Container USA.  With various styles and options to choose from, one of our security professionals will help your company develop the best course of action and where to place these secure containers throughout the office.

Our services range from regular shredding intervals such as daily, weekly, monthly or one-time purge requests.  Our goal is to make the process as simple and safe as possible, while maintaining the most secure environment for our customer.  We are also committed to maintaining a “green business” model that operates in a way to reduce social and environmental problems.  By creating a policy to securely recycle 100% of our shredded material rather than dumping into a landfill, we are able to accomplish this!

We care about our state, we care about our employees, we care about our environment, and most importantly we care about our customers.  Call us anytime to speak with a live person, living and working in the great state of Montana!  We look forward to working with your company soon.

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