Electronic Media Destruction and Hard Drive Degaussing

Technology is growing at a rapid pace, and so is the need for that information to be managed securely.  It is no longer accepted to simply delete files off a hard drive and then consider that “good enough”.


Degaussing, also known as Erasure, has proven to be the most thorough, time efficient and cost effective process for sanitizing magnetic media. In fact, leading manufacturers like Quantum, HP and Benchmark recommend the same equipment Document Destroyers operates, the Garner Degaussing HD-2.  This Degausser ensures quick and complete erasure of all sensitive information contained on computer hard drives, back-up tapes, video tapes, and diskettes.  This media cannot be re-used after the degaussing process, producing 100% destruction.

How the Garner Degausser process works: a magnetic force is applied that is far greater than the read/write heads on your computer, which eliminates the magnetic data.  The Degausser is not a new tool, it has evolved and kept up with the technological advances of magnetic media
and has withstood the test of time. Forensically, NO government, corporation, or individual has breached this form of disposal.

Document Destroyers has the right equipment to process and destroy these items safely and securely, putting you and your customers at ease and protected from potential threats.


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