Security Bins, Desk Side Containers, and Secure Office Consoles

Keep information and records secure 100% of the time by choosing a shredding service company with secure, lockable containers.


Secure Paper Shredding Containers

For accessible and convenient paper collection, we offer under-the-desk or desk-side paper shredding bins. These handy shred containers provide a secure means of paper collection, and fit nicely under or beside most standard desks. Even where space is minimal, their slim design provides the perfect solution. Papers left out in plain sight pose a security threat, and may expose information to unauthorized staff. Worse, sensitive information that is not placed in a security bin could land into the trash, providing zero security to your business. Gain peace of mind in knowing that each is equipped with a locking mechanism to deter the possibility of tampering.


Centralized Paper Shredding Consoles

If your paper collections exceed that of desk-side collection, you may wish to implement centralized paper collection. We have quality, sleek consoles that atheistically blend into any office environment, while providing a central location for easy access. In addition, they are perfect for storing your printer, fax machine, or even a decorative plant on. These shredding consoles are ideal for high-traffic areas because of their large capacity. Reduce office clutter and instead add a piece of décor that encourages safe paper disposal.


Shred Carts

For larger document collection requirements, we will gladly offer you shred carts as an alternative form of collection. Our 65 gallon shred cart allows you to store up to 350 pounds of paper, making it the best option for extra large paper collection. These shred carts should be placed in busy areas where they can be carted away with ease for emptying.  Their neutral appearance makes them fitting for any office setting design.


File Storage Boxes

For circumstances where documents must be stored for an extended time-frame, we offer file storage boxes in addition. These are also great for work settings that have limited space, but still require a safe means of paper collection.   

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