How the Shredding Process Works

Our process is much more than just shredding your documents. We help implement a policy and procedure with a secure chain of custody, while reducing risks and keeping your company in compliance.

Document Destroyers follows a very strict “chain of custody” when handling your company and customer information.  Chain of custody is a secure process by which your information is stored, handled, shredded, and recycled.  A proper chain of custody eliminates the risk because all information remains secure throughout the entire process.

  1. Our secure lockable containers and/or bins are placed in your office at no charge, where your employees temporarily discard all confidential paper documents
  2. On the scheduled service day, these secure and locked containers and/or bins are picked up by one of our service professionals and taken to the secure shred truck for shredding
  3. Our state of the art Mobile Shred-Tech Shredder destroys the documents in a matter of minutes
  4. After your information has been shredded and destroyed, you will receive a “Certificate of Destruction” from our service professional
  5. The empty secure containers and/or bins are placed back in your office location
  6. Your now shredded and destroyed documents are taken to a secure recycling facility where they are processed and recycled

If you want to see Document Destroyers in action, come to one of our Community Shred events!  Information will be posted on our News page and Social Media links.

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