Shredding Related Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure where to start or what questions to ask, here are a few to help you along.


Q: I have an office shredder. Why should I hire a shredding company?

Office shredders do not supply sufficient shredding; paper can often still be reassembled as shredders slice in parallel strips rather than tiny particles. Shredding in-house also takes significant time, and therefore takes away from employee productivity. While many businesses have great intentions to shred their documents internally, the inconvenience of it can sometimes deter employees from doing it. Document Destroyers will shred what might take hours for an employee to do, in a matter of minutes. Let us save you time and money!


Q: How long should company records be kept before disposing of them?

Generally speaking, most records are required to be maintained for 7 years; however, this may vary depending on your industry, so it’s best to confirm details with your lawyer or accountant.


Q: What does on-site shredding refer to?

On-site shredding is performed using our state-of-the art mobile shred trucks, directly at your office or plant location.  is performed by our commercial shredding vehicles at your office or plant location. Your confidential papers are securely transported our mobile truck located in your parking lot, where you can witness the document shredding take place firsthand.


Q: Do paper clips & staples need to be removed?

No, there is no need to remove any paperclips, staples, or rubberbands prior to shredding. Our equipment will effortlessly shred through these without any issues. We’ll shred paper of all sizes and colors, including file folders as well.


Q: Do you provide containers for collection?

Yes. We have a variety of secure, lockable shred bins/consoles of all sizes. These are provided to you at no extra cost. Store your confidential paper safely until your bin is ready to be serviced.


Q: What happens to the paper after it’s been shred?

At Document Destroyers we recycle every last particle of paper, regardless of how small it is. Recycling is an important aspect of our on-going green initiatives.


Q: How often do you pick up?

This will vary depending on your needs and volume, but most customers require regular scheduled services. We’ll pick-up weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, whatever is convenient for you.  A Document Destroyers’ specialist will gladly discuss with you your current document management needs, and which of our paper shredding services will fulfill those requirements.


Q: Do you provide a certificate of destruction?

Yes, this is provided to you after each and every time following shredding. Your security is important to us, and this documentation reiterates we have taken the necessary steps in protecting your confidential information.


Q: Are your employees security screened?

Yes. At Document Destroyers we take our hiring process very seriously. Each employee is bonded and goes through a comprehensive screening process in order to meet industry security standards.


Q: Do you belong to the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)?

Yes, we are proud member of NAID. The advantages of belonging to NAID allow us to stay on top of current legislation and guidelines, so as a customer you can expect quality and industry leading service. You can see our company listed as a member on the NAID website.


Q: What areas do you service?

We presently offer paper shredding services to clients throughout the Montana region, such as Missoula, Bozeman, Billings, Helena, Kalispell, Great Falls and more. Simply contact us to find out if we service your region.



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