Medical Records and Pill Bottle Destruction

Destruction of unique materials like x-ray film, pill bottles, microfiche, and microfilm can all fall under the HIPPA regulations when containing patient information. 

X-Ray’s and Microfiche are part of HIPPA’s patient confidential information and also can be considered hazardous material that is toxic to the environment and human health if not properly disposed of.  In our efforts to protect both patients and the environment we can help with information on how to destroy and discard the material through appropriate recycling outlets.

Pill Bottles are items most people and businesses aren’t sure what to do with and they usually end up in the trash.  However, if any of these pill bottles contain labels with customer information, your business is at risk of being flagged non-compliant!  HIPPA regulations also require that these bottles with patient information be physically destroyed or shredded to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality laws.

Due to strict government regulations, casual disposal of these products is strictly forbidden.  And if found guilty your company can face hefty fines.  Don’t let this happen to your business, Document Destroyers can help you stay compliant by destroying and disposing of these items in a safe and secure manner.

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