Why Individuals and Businesses Should Use Commercial Shredding

Importance of Securely Managing, Handling, and Shredding Confidential Information

Secure Document Shredding, Paper Shredding, Document Destruction, whatever term or phrase you use, it all has the same meaning; Protecting your business and your customers confidential and most secretive information from identity theft, fraud, and any other risks associated with information security.

Most people do not wake up and say, “I think I’ll have some documents shredded today!”.  What usually happens; there is a scare or breach in information security and the Shredding process is the reactive response.  And by then, the damage may have already been done, fines being assessed, identity stolen!!!

That is why it is extremely important to be proactive and educate yourself, your employees, and your customers on DOCUMENT SHREDDING.

We pose the question again, why shred?

  1. It may be against the law not to destroy certain documents that are confidential in nature, due to the Compliance Laws setup by HIPPA, FACTA, GLBA, and PCI Compliance.
  2. Businesses must maintain patient privacy and confidentiality laws, or face strict penalties and potential fines.
  3. You, your business, and your customers deserve the highest security and privacy, greatly reducing the risk for identity theft.
  4. When coupled with recycling, it’s better for the environment.


Still not convinced? Read more about Document Destruction and Shredding on our News and Resources page or contact a Document Destroyers specialist today!

“Don’t just tear it up… DESTROY IT!”

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