Mobile On-Site Paper Shredding and Document Destruction

Not sure what really happens to your documents once they leave the building?  Document Destroyers will shred on-site at your facility, where you can actually witness the shredding and destruction process take place.


With our state of the art Shred-Tech Mobile Shredding Equipment, we have the ability to provide all shredding and destruction at your place of business.  This allows you to monitor the “Chain of Custody” we have in place, from your building, to our truck, and then off to the recycler.  We have the most state of the art equipment, which allows us to be very effective and efficient, and once on-site, usually able to complete most service calls in minutes.

Our Secure Mobile Shredding Truck is equipped with a video monitoring system, where we are able to verify safely that the material is indeed being destroyed.  The shredded material moves into a storage compartment where it’s contained by securely locked doors and only opened when the material is offloaded at the secure recycling facility.

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