Desk-side Office Shredders

Personal office shredders are not a good idea, and they will likely cost you more money than hiring a professional paper shredding service provider.

Weather you are a “do-it-yourself” type person, or your boss thinks it’s saving the company money, in-house personal office shredders are not a better option. Not only will they be costly and time consuming; this process could cost you a great deal in fines and compliance issues! Here are some facts that should help free up your time, save you money, and keep your business compliant with the new regulations regarding document security.

  1. Office style strip shredding is not as secure as the current shredding technology in our shred trucks, we use a cross cut technology from the industry leading manufacturer, Shred-Tech. The same technology used by over 85% of all service providers.
  2. Our trucks can shred thousands of pounds per hour, which is over 50 pounds per minute! How long does it take your employees to shred a box of paper in the small office shredder?
  3. It is against the law to put any documents containing your customers’ personal info into the trash, shredded or not! All of our shredded paper is securely recycled and conforms to current compliance requirements.
  4. Office shredders can only handle a few pages at one time and often jam, over heat, or just stop working! This usually creates a backlog of paper materials stacking up around the desk, office, etc., creating unnecessary opportunities for these docs to end up in the trash or hands of someone other than company personnel.
  5. How much time does the company pay to have employees organize, store, and shred these files? In most cases it is more than the cost of using a commercial shredding provider.


Call Document Destroyers for a quick consultation and review of your compliancy practices. Maybe we can even save your company some money by becoming your trusted partner and local shredding service provider.

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